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Want to recreate user in the DLO to have new fresh backup

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I want to do a newly fresh backup of existing in DLO user.



1) I have deleted this user from the "users" tab in the console.

2) Then i checked all of his backups are deleted and then i have deleted his NUDF.

3) Also i have uninstalled the DLO Agent from the users computer.



1) I recreated user in the DLO

2) Reinstalled DLO Agent to the user's computer

3) Reboot, rerun and so on.


Eventually in the backup of this user's computer appears only files that he creates after reinstalling DLO / recreating this user. Only new files. Old files that was in his deleted backup do not appear (еhese files are on his computer, not in DUDF).

I guess the server still keeps details of past backups of this user. 


How can i totally clean all the information about the user in DLO to recreate it and get fresh new backup?



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When the user is deleted from the console, the NUDF data mapped to the user is deleted and uninstallation of the DLO Agent on client machine will delete the local user data. So, once the user is deleted from console, the dedupe data held by the user is dereferenced.
Run Garbage collection utility to clear the unreferenced data.