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What is the best configuration for performance in the Desktop and Laptop Option ?

Hi Folks,

I currently have a problem to copy the files of my clients to the server, the connection is very slow.

I'm taking hours to copy a 1GB file to the server, I changed some settings in Profile in throttling back but I believe there is something that can be improved.

What is the best setup I can do on Backup Throttling regardless of the environment that I have?

This is my configuration:



Thank you.


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There is no "best" setting as

There is no "best" setting as such. It depends upon environment to environment, network settings, network load etc.

If you have a secondary network primarily for backup purposes, then you can set it to no throttling.

If i select "no throttling",

If i select "no throttling", the backup is more faster?

I currently own a network that supports the maximum speed that the DLO work.

The whole idea of throttling

The whole idea of throttling is to limit the bandwidth so that computer performance and network usage is not impacted when DLO backup is running.

By enabling "no network throttling", DLO will not throttle the data sent and will try to use the max bandwidth it can.

The problem is that even

The problem is that even without the option checked, the backup is too slow, to copy a 10Gb of PST takes hours .

PST backups work in a

PST backups work in a different manner than the regular backups and if i recall, throttling options do not apply to .pst backups.

First, ensure you have enabled the VSS method to backup .pst and not message level incremental. Secondly, Delta File Transfer must be enabled and atleast 1 revision must be set for both DUDF and NUDF. And have a look @ this KB as well -