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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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Issue running DLO 8.0 SP1 Agent on Mac

Hi I'm test DLO with MAC which are not connected to our domain. I successfully installed the agent on the Mac, but when I run the agent I get a dialog box with the below details:      Please enter your password for the account below. The account wi...

Remote File Share

I have a single DLO server set up at our main site and working well. We have a remote site that needs to have workstations protected. I would like to keep management centralized. I have a NAS with a CIFS share at our main site. I have another NAS at ...

jyarman by Not applicable
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DLO Maintenance Renewal Entry

We purchased DLO last year and have just now renewed support for the upcoming year.  I *finally* received an email from Veritas (took forever!) containg a certificate, but it does not have the information I would have expected.  I have used Symantec ...

Rick_C by Level 3
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how to rename Storage location

Hello, My actual DLO server is too busy so we decided to migrate DLO to an other new server. The current architecture is: DLO server (SQL server) => NAS Storage on a disk SCSI get on the DLO server To migrate DLO services, we have created a new s...

FredITGA by Not applicable
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PST is in use by another application

Desktop Laptop Option 8.0 Sp1, SP2, Sp3 have issue to taking incremental backup of pst. When DLO taking backup of pst I am not able to use outlook. Even my outlook is default application.  this issue is coming on my two Clients. they don't want VSS F...

Chahal by Level 2
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DLO 8.0 Requesting logon from outside domain

Hello, Our folks travel a lot, and have recelntly been asked to login their credentials for the DLO 8.0 client when outside the domain. We realize, that by simply typing in their credentials, the request will go away, at least until their password i...

MTBGnome by Not applicable
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Cant use DLO agent

Hi, As i am new to the DLO, I installed DLO server and configured perfectly. I installed Agent on one computer in my domain. I created 2 user in DLO server of my domain. When i tried to login as user A at my client PC i am able to use DLO agent p...

DLO Client Keeps Disabling after Reboot

Everytime I reboot my PC, the DLO client Disables and says "The software is either not configured or has been disabled by your admin" I have gone through article 000037489 and have tried all 4 of the solutions.  However, it still disables after rebo...

DLO Cannot Connect to NDL over VPN

Hello, I am using DLO 7.6 on Server 2012 R2. I have a DLO server in my data center which is running all roles. If I am connected to the corporate network my DLO client can connect and backup data to my Network User Data Folder  on the DLO server. ...

Resolved! DLO agent doesn't start automatically

Good morning, first sorry for my poor english. I wrote you because dlo agent 7.6 doesn't start automatically on the desktop (windows 7 pro SP1). I have 4 laptop on the dlo doesn't start and 1 on the dlo is ok. I don't know how to force the startup...

Resolved! Recover PST Files

Greetings! I'm just looking for the step by step process on how to recover PST files. I dont know how and where to recover the PST files. I have an Outlook already in my Client computer then I've already Backup up it.   Thanks and best regards!

J_Huggins by Level 6
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Use wildcard certificate on Edge server

Hi everyone, We want to publish our Edge server (DLO 8.0 SP2) to the internet. In order to do so, we want to use our public wildcard certificate. Unfortunately DLO seems to be unable to publish this, as the wizard always fails with the error messag...

CarolineKiel by Level 6
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