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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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using revisions

Under profile settings, backup selections, choose a folder, I change 'number of revisions' to 2 for the NUDF.  Where do I see these revisions stored?  Are they stored under a separate folder?  I cannot seem to find 2 copies of each file in that folde...

4johnny by Level 3
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Admin service error

Hi, unable to open the admin console after installing sym dlo 7.5 have domain rights user account even though the error occurs and unable to start the service manually  

SURA by Level 4
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Maintenanca cycle runing...

hi, on client machines DLO agent says "Maintenance cycle running" what is it actually ? and after installed new DLO server what is the easiest way to make DLO agent is online on clients ?

MAC_ by Level 3
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Resolved! How can we authenticate DLO ?

I just download a DLO trial.   Every thing is working fine. I want to apply two things on DLO Server.   1- When the user opens the DLO Console it required authentication like the Java Console users for VCS. 2- I want to keep the DLO Storage/Driv...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Failing To Restore User Data

Hello All,   I am using Symantec DLO 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Backups are completing successfully but the challenge is restores are failing with the error: "Error Reading source file. Deduplication failed."   I have tried restoring from the...

Mr_Dee by Level 2
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pre sales ghost enquiry

I am about to purchase 35 lenovo yoga 2 laptops running windows 7 with 4gb ram and 256gb ssd and core i5. they will all be configured the same with lots of testing software and a very specific config. i only will have 4-5 days to turn these around an...

Resolved! DLO 7.6 License expiration error

Hi,   I have an error on some users saying that DLO License expired. Is the same error that is on this support case:   So, the solution is not acceptable because thi...

Resolved! DLO administration server and user's backup jobs

hi, I use DLO 7.6 and I backing up some user's files and folders. during backing up I cannot see job's status. only if I allow  as "display only status" from "desktop agent display settings" on client computer. I can see the job's status on the clie...

aboztas by Level 2
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Maintenance Servers

Hi I was hoping someone could help me understand maintenance servers a little better, I've a few questions. 1) During the migration of users, what role does the maintenance server play? We have a maintenance server located at site1 and we are migra...

smithj by Level 6
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Instalación remota del agente de DLO 7.5

Hola a todos,   Necesito ayuda con el despliegue de agentes de DLO 7.5, lo he instalado manualmente y funciona correctamente, sin embargo cuando voy a iniciar el proceso de despliegue a traves del botón herramientas, la opción de "Instalar los agen...

DLO Issue on some workstations

Hi Everyone,   This will be my first post and actually I am encountering an issue with several of our workstation right now. The error we are consistently recieving is   Failed to retrieve the network connection speed   And we also notice that ...

dvferry by Level 2
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DLO 7.6 History not updating

I've installed the DLO 7.6 client on 10 users, but only one of the clients is updating the history on the backup device. I've verified that it's not just the admin console not seeing the history, the log files are not being written to the backup devi...

DanEW by Level 3
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Resolved! which is the Best way to backup PST ?

Hi foxs, Really i am confused about pst backup. which way is the best ?  first i tried level incremental backup of PST and  i saw that MAPI connection makes outlook slow for users. then i tried VSS backup it seems better then incremental for me......

MAC_ by Level 3
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Resolved! DLO query

hi,   1. Can we do backup for thunderbird (.msf) in DLO 7.6 solution? 2. Open office files can be backup in DLO 7.6 solution?   Thanks.

PraWns by Level 4
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Short cut virus

Dear Sir/Madam,   I'm happy to use this medium as this forum solved my previous issue. Thanks I need solution to prevent Shortcut virus for my Computer Lab. We're using Symantec SEP Version 12.1.2015. For your information some of the CPUs are not ...

fazdhli by Not applicable
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Desktop Laptop and Option 7.5

I have a query DLO 7.5 on a windows server 2008 R2 server, where ADMINISTRATOR nonprivileged account has domain administrator account and the same is being used to DLO for clients atenticacion to console level, my question is if I change the ADMINIST...

Elmer_Gomez by Level 5
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Desktop Laptop and Option 7.5

good afternoon dear, I have a problem with DLO 7.5 in which I deployed the agent to a laptop but when Habro agent to authenticate I get DISABLED, and does not allow me to do backup copies of seguiridad, agradecere support.   shown in the DISABLED ...

Elmer_Gomez by Level 5
Partner Certified
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