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big chuncks of data being downloaded when opening dlo console on client

hoping someone may provide some assistance.  just opened a case as well # 07372305

this has only started happening on 7.5.1 i believe.

server is 2008 r2 enterprise, and client is windows 8.1.

when starting up DLO it will download alot of data a few times while the splash screen is still showing.

This will also occur when shutting down the DLO.


This is causing it to take along time to startup, and when on Mobile data it uses up a lot of our download limit.

This has only started happening recently on some laptops.


curious if anyone else has had this issue...



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Where is the download

Where is the download occuring, on the client or the server ?

What type of data is being downloaded ?

its occurring on the client,

its occurring on the client, and i have absoluely no idea what it is downloading


attached is a screenshot of the bandwidth monitor when openening the agent console



Ideally, the client will

Ideally, the client will download only the profile settings from the SDLO server. What is the size of the .settings directory on the DLO client ?

And is the option "Synchronize files" enabled in the profile settings ?

i'm not sure about the size

i'm not sure about the size of the .settings folder, i will check when the user gets into the office (its the MD).

yes, synchronize files has been ticked, and is the same for another profile used for all other users.

the MD has his own profile, which is exactly the same as the all other users profile, except he has desktop items backed up as well.  that is the only difference.



hi vjware, sorry for the

hi vjware, sorry for the delay reply, the MD is quite hard to get a hold of.  the size of his .settings folder is 113mb.

the size of my .settings folder is 200mb.

could this be an issue somewhere here?