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Level 5
Partner Certified

Hello everyone,

given the urgency of restoration of data from a user it had to use commands emergencyrestore, because the data existed on disk storage.


because we did not know the encryption key to restore a new key to restore SetRecoveryPwd was applied, then proceeded with the restoration but I get some messages Failed,

failed de restauracion.PNG

14 GB of data stored on disk storage only restored 2GB and the structure of folders and files as .PST but not the .xls, .pdf, .doc.

estructura de files.PNG

as I can make me whole restoration recover user data.

Please help.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Try restoring with the i switch as mentioned in the error message.

Example command -

dlocommandu -emergencyrestore "\\DLOServer\DLO NUDF\COMPANYDOMAIN-user5\.dlo" -W mypassword -AP \\DLOServer\temp -i