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dlo user backup priority

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Hello All,

I have a question about DLO user backup.

In my organization we have many manager who coming to work 1 times in 1 week and we want to backup them computers, actually we want DLO to start the backup from them computers.

how can we do that.




Apologies for the delay in responding. DLO Backups are driven by the details in the DLO Profile the User is assigned. Each Profile can be set to backup a file in the paths selected, when it is changed or on a Schedule.

If the profile backup is set  'As a file changes' but they are not connected to the network, there will be a local backup copy made into their Desktop User Data Folder and that will be uploaded the next time they are connected to the network. If the backup is Scheduled (i.e. once a week) and they are not connected to the network at that time, a local backup will occur, but the network transfer will be deferred until the next scheduled time.

I am not sure what version of DLO you have, but would recommend reviewing the DLO Administration Guide ( for information about Profiles (Pg 81-97).

If you have VPN facilities, it is possible for them to backup via that connection or even use Backup Over Internet, if you have an Edge server configured with external internal access. Review the Admin Guide for further information on these.


Paul Jeal