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how to rename Storage location


My actual DLO server is too busy so we decided to migrate DLO to an other new server.

The current architecture is:
DLO server (SQL server) => NAS Storage on a disk SCSI get on the DLO server

To migrate DLO services, we have created a new server in the same DLO version 7.6 and SQL Server installed.
I copy the database (DLO.Mdf - DLO.LDF) on the new server and i have connected the SCSI disk.

The problem is that in the DLO defined storage location is that of the old server.

I want to change this location to do point to the new seveur.

I look at the migration tool but I don't need to move data as they are already on the disc.

Someone can help me ?


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Re: how to rename Storage location

Did you follow the link below?