trouble backing up with sym. system recovery 2013 R2; files too large?

I have Symantec System Recovery 2013R2;  windows 7  64 bit desktop.

It does regular backups; but I'm not sure the right kind? 

When I go to tasks, run or manage backups, I see it does do, on a regular basis, some kind of backup that's probably an incremental one and also a 'factory image' one I believe.

I have no idea how to tell if I'm doing/getting the backups I need in case of a disaster? 

How can I tell?

What should I set up?

Also, I set up a backup in order to back up my outlook 2007 emails; I went to define backup wizard, and in the 'select files and folder to back up' I checked "email files" and left the default at "all drives; *.dbx, *.eml, *pst., etc.".  But when it tried to do this it was at 5% for over 2 days. Yes, I have a ton of emails; but how do I know if it was stuck or something? I could take weeks?!

All my backups are done to an external hard drive (seagate 2 TB); and it says it has 700 gb free; so I should be fine. (because my entire computer, when I look at my computer, C drive, it says 441 gb free of 919 gb.....and that's my entire computer). In "hard disc drives" it also shows 'factory image D" 2.21 gb free of 12.3 gb.  

I'm soooo confused! I just need to be able to make sure I'm doing correct current backups.

And I want to back up my emails and pictures.

thanks for any help! : )


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Re: trouble backing up with sym. system recovery 2013 R2; files too large?


First things first; you have posted in the wrong forum - this forum is for DLO. In future, please use the following forum for System Recovery:

With System Recovery, there are 2 types of backups;

  • Full volume-level backup (recommended)
  • File-level backup

It sounds as though you have selected the second option to only backup selected files/folders. In order to fully protect your machine, I would strongly recommend a volume-level backup. This will ensure everything is backed up and will mean you can recover the entire machine in the event of disaster (hard disk failure etc).

Hope this helps.


Re: trouble backing up with sym. system recovery 2013 R2; files too large?

thanks; I had no idea I was in the wrong place; I will repost.I don't know what DLO is? It wasn't clear when I went to post which category to use.

Ok, so you suggested a "full volume - level backup" and "file level backup"; I don't see anything in the program with those words?

but thanks, I'll repost.