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DA Export/Production, Missing metadata

I have an export/production problem which seems to occur randomly.  When exporting search results, the metatdata doesn't always get created.  I've tried running the export as an account assigned the DA admin role and as the EV service account.  Both of these accounts have local admin rights to all EV, CA and DA servers.  I thought I saw an article a few years back that said this may happen because of perms on a temp folder somewhere but I cannot find the page again.  I'm using EV and DA 10.0.4 to archive and search for Exchange email. 

- Steve Colegrove

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what metada are you referring

what metada are you referring to? there's a result and export report file created by DA if that helps

Yes, those are part of the

Yes, those are part of the metadata that's not being produced.  There should be three files--an HTML (Export Report),  TXT and XML.

The files are created after

The files are created after the Export job is compelete , so once the job export job states successful on the DA clietn does not mean that those files would be created immediatly . You may try restrating the service and go back and check if the files are created. I have seen this issue in my test enviornment where I was running DA on VM which did not had enough memory.

Hi Steve , I checked in lab

Hi Steve ,

I checked in lab and found those report files created but it take some time ~ 15-20 minutes or after restarting the EVAMS service it create the report.


were you able to find the

were you able to find the files i referenced?

Steve, There are a few things


There are a few things that can cause the reports to not be created right away after an export finishes.  Some of those causes are insufficient resources on the SQL Server, TCP Offload settings being enabled on the NICs of the SQL and / or CA/DA servers, too few threads for the report generation.

This last cause can be checked by increasing the number of report threads in the Configuration tab, Settings sub-tab, Export /production group.  The option "Number of production threads" has a default value of 5.  You can increase this number (I recommend increasing to 7 first to see if that resolves the issue) to see if your reports generate more quickly.