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DA Searches not finishing?

Level 4

i have some DA searches that have the status bars at the very end and have been like that for weeks. never had this issue before. i look at the "Top 2000 hits by archive" and see a lot of them are stuck on "Processing" and that happens after "Searching" right? and is looking at the XML data in tblSearchResults?? tried rebooting servers, restarting services. anyone seen this?


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Hi VersEV1,

There might be many reasons.

Please check following reasons :

1. Please check the EV binaries install on DA server and EV binaries installed on EV server version should match.

2. DA version should be equal or greater than EV version.

3. Also please uncheck deleted archived from Archive section. So it reduce time of searching and search get complete. (DA client --> Application --> Archives.)

4. Also check on EV server for thos archives any Index Rebuild / update is going on.

5. Try to restart the EV index service on EV Server.

6. Also check for Event Log on DA server you will get something related to searches.

7. Also check the DA customer Database SQL fragmentation.

Let me know if you still face issue after that.


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Hi VersEV1,

Any update on this. Is your issue resolved ?