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Hello all,

Hoping someone can help me with what is probably some pretty simple questions? Started looking at the Discovery Accelerator 10 Best Practice search guide (did they update anything in 11 that would be different) and trying to make sure I understand how the searching works.


Been asked to do several fairly large searches and below is an example of just one of them. We have to do searches by year for specific individuals to and from other specific individuals. The following year would be the same but with whatever specific employees were working that year with the related items. I would like to be able to just do 2 searches per year (Party A to Party B and then Party B to Party A with all of the below criteria).

The word align would also have to be able to include any word that has align in it (realignment, alignment, and so on) but the others in quotes would have to be exact. As you can see below, each of these has 3 search terms/values. So what is the best way to go about this if I just want to copy and paste the below into the subject/content field? Can I do the below or something similar and it will work?


Align + "EVAAS" + "instructional practice"
Align + "value-added" + "instructional practice"
Align + "value added" + "instructional practice"

Align + "EVAAS+ "IP"
Align + "value-added" + "IP"
Align + "value added" + "IP"

Align + "EVAAS+ "instructional practice rating"
Align + "value-added" + "instructional practice rating"
Align + "value added" + "instructional practice rating"

Align + "EVAAS+ "observation"
Align + "value-added" + "observation"
Align + "value added" + "observation"

Align + "EVAAS+ "observational score"
Align + "value-added" + "observational score"
Align + "value added" + "observational score"


Also, I'm not sure how Discovery Accelerator handles attachments? When doing "IP" in the subject/content field is worked fine for the message body but it would also pull messages with attachements that contained words like paticipant, even though the rest of the attachment and the body never contained "IP" specifically.


Thanks in advance for any assistance,




Level 6
Employee Accredited

Hi EA1,

It Should work. You only need to provide the closing " after the Word EVAAS.


Align + "EVAAS" + "instructional practice"
Align + "value-added" + "instructional practice"
Align + "value added" + "instructional practice"

This is correct.

Also one more thing if in the word there is - between the word then DA will consider as 2 different word. Hence need to spilt such words in small 2 different words.

Also DA is also searching the words inside the attachment. (Like TXT, WORD, files, etc. )



Ajay Gadge.