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Discovery Accelerator Automatically accept search results issue

Level 2

I create a schedule search in DA with automatically accept search results,  the search come back with results, but the status is pending acceptance (errors),   the errors were caused by some indexes were not searchable,  some archives associate accounts were disable in AD;   

Just wondering is it possible to bypass the search errors to still automatically accept all search results?


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Better late than never..

If a search runs into issues as you describe, it should not be accepted automatically. As an investigator needs to be aware there might be data missing in the search. Based on the errors, you can attempt to fix the issue, and redo the search. I have no access to DA at the moment, but if I recall correct:

Accept the 1st search manully, create a new search, based on the 1st search. There is a setting there which is something like 'skip already accepted items' or 'skip items found in previous search' something like that. If you select that, the 2nd search will only list items not found in the 1st search (due to the issues)..


Regards. Gertjan