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Export not completing from Discovery Accelerator

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I am having a similar issue as described in this blog post from 2012.

We are running DA on Windows 2012 VM, Enterprise Vault is also running on Windows 2012 VMs seperate from DA and the databases are in SQL 2012.


The messages are on the server but are not converting to .psts.  The version of outlook is 2007.

When I run this query

SELECT tc.[Name] AS 'Case Name', tp.[Name] AS 'Export Name', tp.StatusID, ts.Name AS 'Status', tp.CreateDate AS 'Create Date'
FROM tblProduction tp
JOIN tblCase tc ON tc.CaseID = tp.CaseID
JOIN tblStatus ts ON ts.StatusID = tp.StatusID

The status ID is 51.

I have restarted the Accelerator manager service and even rebooted the server, no luck.


Any help would be much appreciated.


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Have you ever been able to export to PST from this server?

Is the export location local?

Do you have any GPO's that prevent the creation of PST's

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Hi Tony!

I have been able to export to pst from this server.  The storage is SAN storage but it is seen as the E drive.  Though we do have GPO's that do prevent the creation of PST's they only apply to the desktops.

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Hi Nirender,

Please check the Error Event ID on DA Server , it will give more information to troubleshoote the issue. Please share that Event ID description.

You can also refe following article that might be help you.


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Firstly I would confirm your VSA/System TEMP/TMP locations and make sure they're on a non-system disk with adequate space.  Then also ensure that your Anti-Virus exclusions also include the TEMP/TMP for VSA and System and also the location that you are exporting out to.

With Outlook 2007 what SP is it and have you added the recipientMax key etc (or if it is SP2 added the patches and the regkey?).