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Export search results in Discovery Accelerator

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I have a situation where legal needs an export of all emails sent between two parties. They do not need the actual content, just the To & From fields and maybe the Subject. Is there a way to do that in DA? I tried searching with the browser search in EV, but I could not find a way to just export the metadata, only the content. They are using EV for journaling only, not mailbox archiving. Is there a way do this from EV (Like maybe just export form the index)? Thanks fo reading!


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You might be able to run the searches in and accept them in DA.  Then, from SQL export the data you need.


The SQL would be something like this:

SELECT Author, Recipient, Subject, MailDate

FROM tblSearchItems WHERE CaseID = YourCaseID

Level 5

Actually, as a workaround I exported all the content from an EV search to  a PST file, and then used Outlook to dump the meta data to an Excel file. I should have thought of that earlier.

You also could have run the 'Item Detail Report' from DA to obtain the information you were looking for:

Item Detail report

Fields in the Item Detail report:


The identifying number that Discovery Accelerator has assigned to the item.


The identifier of the saveset (.DVS) file that contains the item.

Archive ID

The identifier that Enterprise Vault has assigned to the archive.

Archive Name

The name of the Enterprise Vault archive.

Sent/Received Date

The date on which the item was sent or received.


The email address of the person who sent the item.

Recipients (truncated)

The recipients of the item. This may not be a full list because it can contain up to 256 characters only.


The subject line of the item.

Latest Mark

The last mark that a reviewer has assigned to the item.

Latest Comment

The last comment that a reviewer has assigned to the item.


Thanks Benedeta1980. I created a case in DA & accepted the results, but do not see how to run any reports, including the 'Item Detail Report'. Can you provide the steps for running this report?