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Exporting BCC

We may be required to produce BCCs but DA won't export that data. At this point, I'm writing a script to pull it out of the HTML export but it's turning into a real pain. HTML is not a valid production method because it isn't searchable in any intelligent fashion. I will have to connect the exported BCC data to the metadata in for the email. I can do it but again, it's a pain.

Has anyone come up with a solution for the BCC issue? It's in there and all I want to do is get it out!  I have to deal with three different versions of DA on top of all of this.

Thanks very much!

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Have a look at

Thank you for the article

Thank you for the article reference. I've used that information to specifically search for BCCs. I need to be able to export out that information and DA is not allowing me to do it except via HTML which isn't useful to me.

I have a feeling I'm stuck with it and won't be able to export this piece of metadata.



If you search for emails

If you search for emails using the custom BCC field then accpet the search into the case you should be able to export by case which will export all items found in that search

Unfortunately, the BCC won't

Unfortunately, the BCC won't export. It will export the email itself but doesn't include the BCC data whether the email qualified based on the data in the BCC field or not.

Thank you for your reply!



Exporting Bcc.

Hello There,

What version of DA you are using at the moment ? In DA 9.0 SP1, there is a new functionality add in Export /Production.  It will allow you to export Journal Recipient information ( for each exported/producted items ) in the HTML Reports. This benefit is available only for Exhange Journal Items.


This might be of some help to you.