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How to export all SEARCH HOLD REPORTS from Discovery Accelerator

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This is a simple question, but I'm afraid the answer will be anything but.

We need to find a way to export all Search Hold Reports from DA such that we have the criteria itself that was used for each Hold.  We are not looking to export any data from EV, only the information that went into placing that data on hold.



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Hello Alexander,

Better late than never.. I did not see this earlier, sorry.

I tested in my environment. If you have DA Reporting installed (on a SQL Reporting Server), you can do this. There is a report called Legal Hold

This report contains Case Details, Search Details, which can be drilled down to to details, date range, search terms etc.

The search result can be exported (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, XML TIFF and MHTML) but for the 'office' and pdf, I believe you need those installed on the DA server.

Regards. Gertjan