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How to get total count of emails

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I need to get a total count of emails done in a search in EV DA v11.  Can someone recommend the search setup to accomplish this?  I can set the search to run each week for last 7 days but would like to have the count not include email duplicates.



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can you elaborate a bit more on what you need?

Level 2

I need a weekly count of the total number of emails that came in/out (just one total).  We just upgraded to v11 (from v8) and our old way of searching, leaving to/from blank and putting a space in the subject block, is turning up mulitiples of most emails, but not all.  The multiples are not based on recipients, content, etc.., but they have the same metadata so are dupes.  The Similar Stack feature makes viewing easier, but does not give the true "count" of emails.  We are required to report totals, and I haven't found a way in v11 to make it work correctly.

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When you run searches, do you select the option to include items already in review, leave this option unchecked, or can you have a combination?  The reason I ask is that one of our tables captures all hits per search while another captures only one instance of an item per case.  A SQL query can be written to provide a count of unique items, but that count could be different dependent on which table is used.