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Publish DA Client for remote access?


We need the DA client to be run from a browser or a desktop shortcut from remote devices not in the EV-DA domain.

Has anyone achieved that? If so, With which technology? Citrix app virtualization perhaps?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Publish DA Client for remote access?

Hello Jose Luis,

That might be challenging. The DA client checks if the logged-on user has permissions to use DA, which it does by using the logged-on user account. If a device is in the same AD domain (or if there is a trust I believe), it might work. If a user does this from outside the domain, I don't think it will actually work

I don't have a similar setup, but I had a workstation installed, to which users can logon securely. That WS has the DA client. 

Regards. Gertjan

Re: Publish DA Client for remote access?

Hello Gertjan,

Right, we were not able to make the DA client work on a PC outside the domain. We had to install a server running Remote Desktop Services inside the domain, install the DA client there and publish it. That way we are asked for credentials and logged in when accessing remotely anywhere.


Thanks for your response.


Re: Publish DA Client for remote access?

Hello Jose_Luis,

No problem.

Can you select an answer to be 'solution'? That way other users might check it as an answer.


Regards. Gertjan