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Saving and Exporting DA data, but data does not show up in folder

OK, I have produced a DA search (EV and DA 8.0.4), and it has the data I need to present to the legal dept.  I first went to the bottom of the Review tab and selected the copy icon.  I specified a local drive (C:) and created a folder for it.  There was no out put in it.  I then went to export this data from the case, and selected the same folder to place the data into.  The export stated that it completed successfully with 818 items, however, there is still no output in the folder.

Please help me as I need to get this data to them today!




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Don't suppose you have

Don't suppose you have anti-virus running against where you're exporting to do you?

It's running on the server,

It's running on the server, and the directory I created is on C:|.  Is that the issue?

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I have seen issues where AV will just get rid of any files that DA outputs, first it outputs to MSG files then straight in to a PST File it may be worth running procmon when doing the exports and seeing what is accessing those files, but i definitely would try something like C:\Temp as opposed to directly on C:\ and making sure the AV does not scan that folder

We put in in a file called

We put in in a file called C;\temp, but got no output.  I will see if the AV is scanning and booting out the data.  Is ther any other suggestions?

The output file is relative

The output file is relative to the DA server.  Check the C:\ folder on the DA server.  There should be a folder created that is the name of the export.

Still not working, even after

Still not working, even after the antivirus exemption.  My client is logging in as EV SVC Admin, does this account have enough rights to export data?  It says that it completed successfully, but no visible output in the folder.

run a procmon to see the

run a procmon to see the files get exported and see what happens to the files, look at the msg and PST file

How do I run that?

How do I run that?

Check the installation folder

Check the installation folder for DA to see if the files have been stored there. The install directory is the default location.

Hello There, First of all

Hello There,

First of all Copy option is Review tab doesn't allow you to copy item on the Local Drive. The use case for this option is basically to copy out items across folders .

DA Export / Production page is the only option to get the data out from the system. What is the status you are seeing there for your Export Run in your DA Client? On your local drive to DA Server, DA creates the Folder with same name as the export run name. This folder will get created under the location that you have specified while creating the Export run.

Hope this helps.