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advance search terms in Discovery Accelerator

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I have been requested to build a specific search in Discovery Accelerator.  Below is what is being asked....

  • (Price /5 fee*) AND (cost* OR tax* OR overhead OR margin OR expense*)
  • (Price /5 rate*) AND (cost* OR tax* OR overhead OR margin OR expense*)
  • (Price /5 billing) AND (cost* OR tax* OR overhead OR margin OR expense*)

What is being asked is to find emails that contain the word Price and 5 words after it would have either fee*, rate* or billing and the other words listed in ( ).

I do not know how to write this in the discovery accelerator search terms.  

Has anyone come across this before?


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Hello Michael,

I did not se eyour entry earlier, hopefully below is usefull. If you have enabled Analytics, you can narrow the search results further down in the Review pane. This is described in the 'effective searching' document. It might be possible using search-queries, but I have never used those.

I believe that the E-discovery suite (based on Clearwell) does allow using Near, but that comes at an additional cost.

The guide can be found HERE and is for 12.X versions, but should be applicable for a few earlier functions too.

Regards. Gertjan