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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator v9 Email attachments

Is there a way using Discovery Accelerator v9 to check if a user opened an attachment sent in an email?  My company journals all emails and we need to know if it is possible to check if an email was viewed and if an attachment was viewed.

JF_Smith by Not applicable
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Resolved! Analytics - Performance Concerns

Hello, I am running EV8 SP4 and DA8 SP4.  The customer is interested in using Analytics.  It looks like the pre 9 code might not be optimal (ref Symantec TECH125830 - Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator exhibits slow performance during Analytics D...

Resolved! Discovery accelerator license

DA is licensed per user. Does this refer to a vaulted user mailbox archive or the administrator who is going to use the software? We have only a couple administrators where the DA is going to be installed but we have thousand mailboxes that could pot...

Resolved! DA Search

Hi All, Just upgraded to EV/DA 9.0.2 from EV/DA 2007 SP6.  My question is on a search TO/FROM recipient(s) in DA, does specifying just the SMTP address capture both internal and external mail or do you also have to also specify the user(s) full name ...

LizA by Level 3
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Need help with older version of DA 2007

We are trying to migrate all emails from our old system to our new one.  We are trying to collect all emails from each month.   The issue we are having is that I can not do a search for all email within a month.  We are using DA 2007, EV7.5   I have ...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator 9.0.9214 Questions

I am new to Discovery Accelerator, and we have new customers requiring reports from it.  Would someone be able to answer these questions at a high-level?  I am scheduled for training at the end of this month, but we have people waiting for some answe...

lpaull by Level 3
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Resolved! Error on Exports from DA

Hi All, On EV & DA 9.0 SP2.  Searches are running cleanly, but exports to either PSTs or MSGs are consistently producing the following errors:  "Error  Failed to retrieve:  An internal error occurred. Internal error: '<0x8004011b>'."   Sometimes a "f...

LizA by Level 3
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Resolved! Legal Hold Status History

  Hello,   My environment is EV/DA 8.0 SP5 and I would like to revisit an old case and determine if the hold had ever been enabled/disabled, it would also be nice to know when the hold was enabled/disabled and by whom.   Is there an audit trail for a...

MikeB_ by Level 3
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Resolved! Searching in Discovery Accelerator

When doing searches, is there a way to change the wildcard character from an asterisk (*) to another character such as a tilde (~) or a plus sign (+)?? Reason is because the text we're searching on has asterisks in it and the * wildcard doesn't work....

DavidB66 by Not applicable
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Resolved! DA and EV Compatibility Questions

Hello, Current Environment: EV and DA both at 8 SP4 I need to make sure I have understood what I have read in the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts September 16, 2011 pdf.  Chapter 9 Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator (Page 79) firs...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator

I am running EV8 SP4 and DA 8 SP4.  Enterprise Vault has to be installed on the DA server but shouldn't the Enterprise Vault Admin Service be set to disabled at startup?   Thank you.

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator and Translation Software

Is anyone using translation software? We use Discovery Accelerator for discovery and some of the discovered items are in languages which need to be translated.  How are others handling translation issues?  Is anyone translating with software? Does an...

Resolved! Search for all messages sent externally

Again, I thank you for any assistance. Using DA, I need to search for any instances of sending email outside the company. I need to create a search term that states, in effect, "any recipient that does not equal *". S...