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Resolved! DA Search IPM Default?

If you just configure a new DA case and search to search vaults for custodian from the custodian manager, is it searching all IPM types or just IPM.Note? I have come across nothing that says specifically what it does.

Moving from domain to domain in EV - No. 2

This forum post is related to article: We are considering running a similar scenario. Questions: * Did the RegKey value change resolve the issue with Discovery Accelerator origina...

Resolved! EV Duplication DA Deduplication question

I know that DA shows duplicate messages in search results... and many of these duplications are not archived and taking storage space if they belong to the same Vault Store Group. Can anyone provide some guidance on proving this? I know I can create ...

Resolved! DA 9.x AcceleratorClient.exe.Config file

I was wondering if this file can be modified to include two accelerator servers?  Basically, what I am looking to do is when the DA client is opened up, there would be a drop down list of the different accelerator servers.   An end user can then sele...

Scott_King by Not applicable
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Resolved! DA 80SP5 - Create customer on SQL2005 with instance

  Hello all, strange issue. I've succesfully installed DA in a site. I am now trying to create a customer. The EV server and the SQL server are seperate. I enter as SQLserver SERVERNAME\INSTANCE Add appropriate logfile and databasefile directory. I g...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator - forensically sound search?

Hypothetically...let's say we produced emails pulled from discovery accelerator to opposing counsel.  They claim the emails were altered.  What can Symantec provide to prove a forensically sound search and and export.  Are there logs, hash files, any...

Resolved! Export Failures

I have been unable to replicate this problem, so I'm hoping someone here might know... When doing an export of search results to a PST, I have seen messages that could be placed in the PST wind up in a folder called "messages" and placed there as *.m...

Resolved! DA Search -external emails only

Hi, I need to perform a search where we only show external outbound emails and not internal emails, is there a way to do this in the Research page when doing a search. the current search I have results in all emails internal and external being shown....

Resolved! Case search in DA

dear all we are implimented DA with enterprisevault, we are able to create a search with the da client, but after that the "go to review" icon is not highlighted and the search is not working   please advise   thank you

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! 'Search Terms' within DA Interface

Hello Folks,   My team is performing a DA search and they have got 4 conditions to be executed against 10 employees, so i am trying to configure search with 5 'Search Terms'. However DA doesn't allow me to add more then 4 'Search Terms' condition. Is...

Resolved! DA Export of Images

When we export DA results to HTML, PDF attachment images do not always export and instead appear merely as "Image 1" etc. with no content.  Is there a way to export so the image appears as in the native document?

TWeiner by Level 2
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Resolved! DA Hold Release and New Holds

Someone recently claimed to me that they experienced an issue with Discovery Accelerator when they attempted to release a very large hold and it took a very long time. Because of the time it took to complete, their on going search schedule was impact...

Resolved! DA Search exclude looking at attachements?

Hello, Firstly, I'm the I.T. guy, not the typical user of DA - just trying fill in for something here.  When doing a search in "Research", I have some terms that I'd like to use to search the message body/ subject, but not to look inside any attachme...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator admin site EVBAADMIN issue

Dear Coleagues, I had a installation of DA ata customer site and faced some issues during the install. After the setup wizard completed the admin site did not open. On checkibng IIS, I found EVBAADMIN site created but on trying to browse to it I get...

vjose79 by Level 4
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