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Resolved! EV Discovery Accelerator

Hello, In EV Discovery Accelerator, is there a way to or search attribute that will flag and hold mail containing certain criteria continually in an open case? With out having to rerun the query to ingest new mail into the case. EV 8.0.3   Thanks

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Searches

How can you run searches using discovery accelerator? I have created the case and assigned roles. When I click the searches tab nothing happens.   Did I miss something somewhere?

Resolved! Reports DA8 'Cannot impersonate user' error

Hello DA-experts, I've configured DA-reports and deployed them succesfully. I have a user testing the DA-client (80SP4), and searches etc work fine. When trying to run a report, the user gets below error: An error has occurred during report processin...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! External access to Discovery/Compliance Accelerators

Good morning.  I've spent the last hour or so searching the forums to find the answer to my question:  How can I provide access to Discovery Accelerator (and Compliance Accerlator very soon as well) for someone outside our domain? We are hosting emai...

Resolved! Highlighting hits in DA export

A quick & easy question - Is there any way to make Discovery Accelerator highlight results in an export the same way as is done in the review pane? Many thanks, Keith

KeithL by Level 3
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Resolved! Basic configuration for DA

Hi,   Needs some guidance please. What are the steps to perform after you've installed DA, created the Configuration and Customer databases? The guides sort don't really start at the beginning....   Do I need to setup a custodian database or is this ...

RiaanBadenhorst by Level 6
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Resolved! Multiple Accelerator Instance

Hello All   I am trying to configure my DA Client rollout and would like to include 2 DA servers to each client that has it deployed. I know I need to modify this key: <add key="AcceleratorServer" value="localhost" /> so it points to Server1 which is...

Error in DA 8.4

Hi, I have installed Ev8 SP4 in a test environment with Discovery Accelerator 8.4 (upgraded from EV 2007 SP6).  Was working fine until I created a new vault store using SIS.  I now cannot get a preview of messages in the search results display.  The ...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Deny Analytics in DA Research

we've set deny on "manage analytics" in the DA role which prevents the user from enabling analytics on a case HOWEVER, they can still do it in Research! wondering how others are handling this issue. especially since one wrong move by the user can eff...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Welcome to the new "Discovery Accelerator" product forum. Please make sure to tag your content with appropriate products so as to get the right attention needed to having your issue resolved. Thanks!

Turls by Level 6
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Custodian Limitation of 1000

I am using Discovery Accelerator 8.0 SP5 and new feature has been put in place that's, well, terrible. When creating a new search within a case, the custodian user selection has now been limited to show only 1000 custodians. This is great if you only...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator, what to do?

Hi There, We've got a client that has upgraded to EV 8.0 SP5, and wishes to upgrade to EV9. This is not a problem, but... They were running DA 8.0 SP2, which of course is no longer running. Given that upgrades from DA 8sp2 to DA 9, and DA 8sp5 to DA ...

AndresMunoz by Level 5
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Export Fails

In some cases when I am running an export from Discovery Accelerator, the log files that generally come with the export are never written even though the job is finished. So I have a few questions: 1 - Has anyone else seen this? 2 - Is there a way to...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Out-of-the-Box Reports

Can anyone tell me what information/data fields are captured in the DA8 out-of-the-box reports?  Perhaps there is a sample report someone could send me or a whitepaper I could read.  I specifically need to know if the search report shows what I did i...

Resolved! Upgrading to Discovery Accelerator 9.0

Hello, I am in the planning stages of an upgrade of EV 8.0 SP2 to Ev 9.0. This is a single EV server environment, but there is another server running Discovery Accelerator which is also on version 8.0 SP2. According to the upgrade notes, the only sup...

rnt123 by Level 5
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