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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator stuck in upgrade state after upgrade

Hi Guys, Yesterday i did an EV upgrade from version 7.5 to 8.0 SP1. It went smooth. After that i did an upgrade for DA from 7.5 SP5 to 8.0 SP1, the upgrade completed successfully but now when i check the status in the EVBAAdmin , it is stuck on upgra...

Majid by Level 5
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Resolved! replace/move DA server

can someone help me find instructions on the process for moving DA to a new server?   EDIT: sorry forgot to say we're running DA8 SP4

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! Moving / Setting up Discovery Accelerator Customer Database on new server

Is it possible to attach to a DA customer database from a new DA server? Currently we have EV/DA 8 SP1 and are upgrading EV to version 9. We have to move to a new DA server to go to 64bit and have seen the articles on moving DA servers. Instead of mo...

Shawn_Waggoner by Level 4
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Discovery Accelerator 8 Searching

If an Exchange user has a primary and secondary email address on his Exchange mailbox (ex:, and, will doing a DA to/from search on the display name ("Donald Duck"), enclosed in quotes, find email sent to bot...

Resolved! about discovery accelerator

hi, can somebody please help me with discovery accelerator. i need to extract all mail items, both sent and received, of one user who is enabled for journaling using the discovery accelerator. i need to export it to a pst. i am in very urgent for thi...

Resolved! DA80SP4 Deploying reports issue

Hello all, I'm trying to deply DA-reports, using the EVBAadmin-webpage, Reportingserver option. This DA server is in a domain called, the sql-server is in The sql server is pingable, both on ip, name and alias from a to b. W...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator and SQL on the same box

Hi all I have a customer who is thinking about Discovery Accelerator as well as the clustered EV solution they want. They have a VMWARE ESX environment that they would like to use for SQL as they have for some other applications for high availablit...

SolarP by Level 6
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Resolved! Uploading Discovery Accelerator report templates

I have a quick question on uploading DA report templates. This article: states the following: "On the Discovery Accelerator server, open the Accelerator Manager Web site." I have fo...

Discovery Accelerator: Producing Based on Tags

Has anyone come up with a method of producing and/or exporting DA data based on tags and not marks.  As we move to DA8 I would like to wean our legal teams away from the creation of multiple case-specific marks and instead use tags.  What is missing ...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator Manager Web site Exception 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException'

After installing Enterprsie Vault 8SP4 with Discovery Accelerator on the same server and SQL on a dedicated, I created a new Customer at the Discovery Accelerator Manager Web site http://localhost/evbaadmin/. After creating the new customer, restart...

leogali by Level 3
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Resolved! How can I search and export in Discovery Accelerator

I tried following some documentation but I must be missing something basic. I am trying to search specific archives in my vault using discovery accelerator and export the findings to PST files but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. An...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator - 8.0 - SP2

Does anyone know a way to determine who is the "Submitter" of a search under the CASES tab? Can this be done via SQL? Can it be done via DA reports? I can't seem to find it via DA reports. If you select the "In Review" option to view the searches und...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator

Dear All We installed DA successfully, and we are able to connect to the sql instants with da client, now we are stuck, what is the next step, any body have a step by step guide or so, i just want ot get a report of all the journal mails time to t...

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! adding archives to legal hold on discovery accelerator

our legal dept wants to place 300 or so archives on legal hold, meaning they want to prohibit any deletion within those archives. at the same time they would like to be able to add and remove archives from this group. is discovery accelerator the bes...

alv by Level 3
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Resolved! DA & CA Installation Question

Hi, Is there a possibility to install Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator on a Veritas Cluster solution?  The Installation manual talks only for NLB clusters.  Thank you in advance, GG

ggeorgi by Level 5
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator and Deleted Vault Stores

The version of DA and EV is 8 SP2. The production environment has empty Vault Stores. In a test lab I created a few empty Vault Stores. I then created a DA case which contains the empty vault stores. I deleted the empty vault stores and confirmed tha...