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Resolved! FIPS 140-2 for DA in domino journaling

Hi, Please advise is there any configuration and advise documents about the integration with MS windows' FIPS or NetApp or EMC The user would like to ensure that any amendment for DVS and DV* to be awarded after some intrusion Please advise Than...

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
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unable to find user details in DA client

  I am team trying to search one user in DA client, but could not find the user and failed, please advice how to fix this issue Below are findings:   1. user AD is disabled  2. user outlook mailbox is deleted 3. user EV account is enabled   N...

ev123ad by Level 2
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Resolved! EV Discovery Accelerator Search Capability

Hi Can DA search content using a NEAR bolean syntax? I'm interested in search for content that has "Word 1" within 2 words of "word 2" eg "DOGS will chase CATS" will return a hit whereas "DOGS will not chase CATS" will not return a hit kind regar...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Discovery accelerator results

Hi everyone, I have a question about Discovery Accelerator I'm new to DA (I've got as far as installing it in the lab, configuring, starting to read the Admin guide and setting up a new case, but I've not done any searches yet). Now a colleague who ...

Search with Multiple AND and OR

Hello.  I am trying to find items with one search that matches the following in English: subject or content (blue and car) or (red and car) or (yellow and car) or (blue and boat) or (red and boat) Tried the following in DA: subject or content: b...

Meta Data and regular expression seach in DA

Hi , I have EV 10.0.4 deployed, and have Journal archiving enabled (Exchange 2010). On top of that I have Discovery Accelerator 10 installed. My question is around search, in partiular, can it do the types of searches that are listed below:- 1) Do...

Resolved! DA Search

Hi We are using discovery accelerator 10.0.4 for Journaling. There are multiple searches in the queue which need to be deleted. Could I request some query to delete or cleanup these queries through SQL? Thanks in advance

Resolved! Does DA support CNames?

Hi Guys, I installed a brand new DA server called DAServer1 and configured customer and custodian db's.  Then installed a second DA server called DAServer2 with binaries only, no config, for standby in DR location. Next I created a CName called DA1...

Fremont by Level 5
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How to get total count of emails

I need to get a total count of emails done in a search in EV DA v11.  Can someone recommend the search setup to accomplish this?  I can set the search to run each week for last 7 days but would like to have the count not include email duplicates. Th...

Resolved! Multiple DA servers in a single EV site

Hi, Looking for input on this question: Customer has a single EV site but 2 EV servers in US and EU, with local SQL servers used for storing VS DB's in US and EU. Would like to implement DA serves in both locations. Should I configure 2 separate ...

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Clear Unreviewed DA search results

I have a manager that can perform DA searches and I have one search in particular that they did that returned over 400K emails.  The emails are past the our retention period and aren't on litigation hold.  They appear to have been been deleted per th...

DA Export/Production, Missing metadata

I have an export/production problem which seems to occur randomly.  When exporting search results, the metatdata doesn't always get created.  I've tried running the export as an account assigned the DA admin role and as the EV service account.  Both ...

Resolved! dsacls command not working

Hi all, We have Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers, the Forest Functional level is also 2003; we have deployed Exchange 2010, and EV 10.0.4 into production. before we turn on Journal archiving and use Discovery Accelerator in production, we are ...

Resolved! Need csv or SQL export of "research" view

I have need of a report that will show me the following information on an EV email search I've performed in DA:  Sender, recipient, destination, subject, date/time sent.  While I can display this information in the Discovery Accelerator "Review" ta...