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Resolved! Errors - Truncation and usp_upd_SearchVault_Warning

We've been receiving a lot of error 42086 and the team that is responsible for the Vault has been looking into it.  However when I ran a test search this morning whereas there was no error in the DA console on the server I recieved a few repetition o...

Resolved! DA scheduled searches best practices

EV/DA 904. SQL 2008. We have a separate Discovery Accelerator instance for our internal General Counsel group. They have nearly 100 open DA cases in their Litigation instance. The paralegals insist on running DAILY scheduled searches on each one of t...

Resolved! Analytics Databases and Disabling/Cleaning up

In my environment I have about 100GB of Analytics Databases, that's about 25% of my entire EV Databases in one function. I'm trying to find out the following. a) By disabling analytics on a case the database will remain? b) How I can tell which Case ...

Resolved! DA DB maintenance

We have the sql 11.0.2 database for DA 9.0 mounted on a windows server 2008 R2 box and our DBAs run the following maintenance: Index Maintenance and Update Statistics  - Nightly Full Backups  - Nightly Log Backups  - Every 15 Minutes I'm assuming tha...

Resolved! Unable to access EVBA admin

Hi, How can I access the EVBAAdmin website, when I type following address in IE it does not work. http://DAServer/EVBAAdmin I have reset IIS on the server with no help.

Harmat by Level 2
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Resolved! Scripting DA searches and exports

Hi Can anyone tell me if it's possible to script Discovery Accelerator searches and export to PST? I have a client who wishes to run a daily search of a subset of archives and export the results to PST - they wish to schedule this to run automaticall...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Change DA 9.0 Export Folder Default Path

We have DA 9.0 running on a Server 2008 64 bit server with the client's running on Win XP SP3.  On the client I have changed the default path for the export folder to a shared folder via the full UNC under configuration>settings>export production.  H...

Resolved! Search terms with and without dashes.

I was led to believe that whilst constraining a search term by double quotation marks in order search for that exact term dashes are ignored.  Thus, for example, "212-M50-0599" is equivalent to “212 M50 0599”.  However what we are finding, in the cas...

Resolved! Looking to search by exact term and case sensitive

We are running DA 9.0 on a windows 2008 R2 server with the reviewer running the search from a windows xp machine.  He is looking to search for an exact term i.e. xyz.  If he puts in the search for "XYZ" would it only be for those three letters?  He i...

Resolved! journal archive email format and dlp issue

We exported the email from jorunal archive from DA as pst then convert to eml which will be scanned by Symantec DLP Network monitor, howerver the incident created no email address only sender name or recipent name. The quesiton is when EV archived th...

patriot3w by Level 5
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Resolved! DA10.0 how to search EV8.x and EV10 in concurrently

I have 2 EV enviorment which 1 for EV8.x and 1 for EV10.x. In EV8.x for historic archived data and EV10.x for new archived data,but we have only 1 DA server and client with version 10.0 the question is:if any solution to search EV8 and EV10 in concur...

jeff_wang by Level 2
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Resolved! Accelerator install requires UAC to be turned off

I'm struggling to understand why the Discovery Accelerator 10.0.3 Client requires UAC to be turned off in order to be installed. The DA & CA client install doesn't offer a "Run as administrator" option.  The user account that is logged in on this Win...