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How to Deploy your Applications in the Cloud Smoothly and Easily

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On the surface, deploying applications in the cloud might seem easy.  But when the time comes to do it, there are several things you need to consider – some of which may involve more time and effort than you might have initially expected and planned for.  The good news is that Veritas can help you get your applications up and running in the cloud with minimal effort, so you can capture cloud value faster by automating the cloud deployment process.

The Veritas Application Mobility Service is a new feature of Veritas Alta Enterprise Resiliency designed to automate your cloud transformation by helping you:

  1. Automate and simplify the migration of your on-premises applications to the cloud
  2. Easily deploy new applications in the cloud
  3. Ensure that your new cloud deployment – whether it’s a migration or a new build – is done using a resilient configuration that helps eliminate unplanned downtime

Learn how Application Mobility Service (AMS) helps you deploy new applications in the cloud by reading my blog here: