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Kubernetes Application Consistent Backups with NetBackup 9.1

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Hi Friends,

Container technology and Kubernetes have become very popular due to their capabilities, portability, and ability to run on-premises and in the cloud, but how do you back them up?  While new technologies bring forth great opportunities, they can be a challenge to backup and recover.  Application consistency is key when doing a backup of your application and while crash consistency can work there is always the possibility of data loss.

Using NetBackup 9.1 you can realize the power and capabilities of containers and Kubernetes while alleviating the headaches of data protection by easily performing application consistent backups and restores.

NetBackup 9.1 uses a Kubernetes Operator for NetBackup and Velero backup and restore hooks which easily orchestrates the backup and restore of the application on the Kubernetes cluster, so you can focus on your applications and not worry if your data is protected.

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But what about cybercrime, security breaches, disaster or human error?  NetBackup 9.1 can back up the Kubernetes etcd database which holds all the cluster configurations allowing for the rebuild of your cluster in the event of an un-planned outage.

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In summary, application consistent backups and backups of the Kubernetes infrastructure has never been easier nor safer with Veritas NetBackup 9.1