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What's New in NetBackup 10 - Disk Exclusions

Level 4

Hi Friends,

I want to share with you an exciting new feature in NetBackup 10.  Check out the Conquer Every Cloud event for more detail on all the new features.

When it’s time to back up cloud resources, not all the data stored may be necessary or needed for a restore, so why backup resources that don’t need it? 

To help speed up backups, reduce backup size and avoid data ingress/egress fees from cloud vendors, NetBackup can now exclude certain disks when creating a protection plan to backup cloud resources.

Available for AWS, Azure, Azure Stack and GCP, cloud protection plans can exclude selected disks from backup, and are easy to setup.  When creating a cloud protection plan a checkbox can be selected giving the administrator the ability to exclude specific disks.  These disks can include all non-boot disks or disk with a specific tag.  The tag based exclusions are case-sensitive and must match exactly with disks defined by the cloud provider.


Figure 1: Exclude Selected Disks Option – Creating a Cloud Protection Plan

As seen in Figure 1, all non-boot disks can be chosen or disks with a specific tag that must match the exact name of the disk in the cloud provider.