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What's New in Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) 10 and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Level 4

Hi Friends,

Lots of great news to share with you regarding VRP!

First, VRP 10 is now available in the Google Cloud Platform(GCP) Marketplace.  Go to the GCP Marketplace and search for VRP.

The three components needed for VRP are now available!


For more information on VRP, please see the VRP User's Guide.

Second, when using VRP onsite, Veritas leverages an API to communicate with the hypervisor and the virtual machines.  Unfortunately the same technology can't be used in cloud environments, so Veritas now uses an IO filter within the VM instead of the API.

Third, Veritas now supports Windows virtual machines in GCP.  What does that mean?  You can now perform snapshot and recovery of Windows VMs in GCP.