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What's new in NetBackup v10.0 - Nutanix AHV Restore from Snapshot

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Nutanix™, a leader in HCI, offers a single platform that integrates storage, compute, networking, resources, and virtualization to provide a comprehensive view of your infrastructure.  The advantage of HCI is being able to move mission-critical data and applications into a simplified, unified infrastructure.  However, increasing data protection and disaster recovery issues have also increased demand for a scalable and flexible data protection solution that supports the robust requirements of hyperconverged environments.

Veritas NetBackup™ v10 release introduces a new feature that makes use of snapshot technology to perform full VM restore of Nutanix’s AHV virtual machines.  This feature adds a faster recovery capability to the extensive list of features already available for Nutanix AHV, such as agentless full backup and restores, pre-recovery check incremental backups, role-based access control, WebUI integration with Intelligent backup selection, resource throttling, iSCSI support, application-consistent backup, agentless granular recovery, restful APIs and more.

This newly introduced feature makes use of snapshots to perform the full VM restore of Nutanix’s VMs.


NetBackup creates the snapshot and stores it on the Nutanix container to perform the backup operation. In the case of accelerator and incremental backups, NetBackup keeps that snapshot for reference to calculate the changed blocks in the next backup. We leveraged the reference snapshot for quick restore.

Restoring from a recent backup is a common scenario in a customer environment. Rather than restoring VM from the backup image we can use the snapshot available on the Nutanix cluster and run the snapshot restore. This is a much faster restore as there is no data movement from the NetBackup media server to the Nutanix Cluster, nor presents additional load on the network, Nutanix AHV cluster, and to the NetBackup media server.

The virtual machine will only be restored from a snapshot if there is a snapshot available otherwise it will automatically fall back to a backup image.

The table below lists down the restore options which are supported by the approach.


This feature is available with NetBackup v10 release deployment by default.