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What's new in NetBackup v10 - Azure Stack ADFS based authentication in NetBackup Resiliency Platform

Level 3

There are two options of authentication mechanism used by Microsoft Azure Stack: 

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 
  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 

Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is a software component developed by Microsoft to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) authorization service to users on Windows Server Operating Systems. ADFS allows users across organizational boundaries to access applications on Windows Server Operating Systems using a single set of login credentials. 

Deploying with ADFS allows identities in an existing Active Directory forest to authenticate with resources in Azure Stack Hub.  In a connected scenario, you can choose Azure AD or AD FS. For a disconnected scenario (without a connection to the internet), only AD FS is supported. 

With Veritas NetBackup v10.0, Azure Stack can be configured in Resiliency Platform to use ADFS authentication type allowing customer to use their own Active Directory and in a disconnected scenario.


It also allows customers to recover virtual machines from Azure AD to Azure ADFS or vice-versa as well Azure ADFS to Azure ADFS.