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Api - VMware assetgroup with protection plans

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I dont see any examples on GitHub to link an asset group and a protection plan together and i am not seeing a way to make the link in swagger.

I am doing it via ansible and have two plays. One will create the asset groups for our standards and the other will create the protection plans with a specific naming standard for our purposes.

My thought was that there would then be a call to link the asset group to the protection plan, but i am not seeing how i could do that. Kind of like when you are on the assetgroup in the VMware screen and can add protection Any thoughts? I can take an example from most languages and convert that to ansible. Its just a uri call in ansible.

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I've not checked this out in great detail but it looks like you've got to update the assetGroupAttributes and from there you can define an assetSubscription which includes the PP for the assetgroup.