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Resolved! NetBackup API unlimited page limit

Hi,Is there a way to avoid pagination in NetBackup API ? Specifically in version 8.1 if you will.I want to skip the pagination and I thought there could be an option to set page['limit'] = '0' or maybe '-1' which is not mentioned in documentation ?

API Sessions at upcoming Tech Forum

We'll be doing 2 separate API session during the upcoming Veritas Tech Forum scheduled for October 12 - 14. If you've not gotten an invitation, reach out to your Veritas account team to find out more details.One session will be focused on helping NBU...

What API use cases are your exploring?

Looking for input from customers and partners about use cases being explored or needed in your environments.  Join in the conversation so we can help you with your ideas.  Here's some ideas that others have mentioned or described:Script to launch a m...

Resolved! NetBackup 8.3 and API

Hi Team! Will you continue developing NetBackup API in 8.3? Can we also expect a resource with API usage examples and recommendations?

Mike_Gavrilov by Moderator
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Empty API response? /config/policies

I have been using the Swagger UI for finding out what I can get using API calls. The aim is to conver my perl scripts (cumbersome) which collect my CMDB data from the backup domains to use API calls (easier). However, I have been hitting road-blocks ...

X2 by Moderator
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API to list available backup for give VMWare client

Having hard time to find a api that would list all the available restorable backup for a given vmware client. I tried using the below two /recovery/workloads/vmware/instant-access-mounts?$filter=clientName eq 'VMWare Client'/recovery/workloads/vmware...

Api - VMware assetgroup with protection plans

I dont see any examples on GitHub to link an asset group and a protection plan together and i am not seeing a way to make the link in swagger.I am doing it via ansible and have two plays. One will create the asset groups for our standards and the oth...

NBU 8.2 REST API Key authentation error

Hello, I am new and trying to get to learn about the NBU REST API. I have read the "NetBackup™ 8.2 API - Getting Started" guide and performed the exact same steps mentioned under "Example of generating and using an API key for authentication" but hav...

Netbackup catalog API , image information

Hello,I'm currently playing with the API to get all images from a specific period of time and sort them based on their usage.Usually to get image size i used this command :- bpimagelist -backupid -U <backup image> you will get an output like this : ...

negman by Level 2
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Resolved! Error while using netbackup api to fetch job details

hello,i am new into netbackup api and using the rest api to fetch details about my netbackup infra to be publishes in a kibana dashboard. Now, when I run the commands using root user on the master server, everything is ok. But for security purposes i...

anash7 by Level 4
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