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Hi, hopefully some will find this script useful.  It can be used to download NetBackup patch kits, and dosumentation sets.

Before using, please be sure to read both sections of notes, near the top of the script (just after the version history table).




cd /d D:\Temp

mkdir man8.0

mkdir man3.0

mkdir compatv8

cscript nbu-kits.vbs -both -version man8.0

cscript nbu-kits.vbs -both -version man3.0

cscript nbu-kits.vbs -both -version compatv8


Updated script to include a disclaimer.


An example of showing usage:

D:\NBU-KITS>cscript nbu-kits.vbs -h
11:20:34  %s_usage, usage is:
%s_usage,  -b[oth]                      Discover and download.
%s_usage,  -ch[eck] path                A folder tree path to check for files already downloaded.
%s_usage,  -co[llect]                   Collect a file of all web pages.
%s_usage,  -deb[ug]                     Enable debug logging.
%s_usage,  -dep[th] n                   How deep to follow links within tech note web-pages.
%s_usage,  -di[scover]                  Discover, and save a list of download links.
%s_usage,  -do[wnload]                  Load the previously discovered links, and download.
%s_usage,  -f[ile] file.txt             Load a file of previously discovered downloads.
%s_usage,  -i[gnore] pattern            Opposite of match.
%s_usage,  -l[ist]                      List the versions known by this script.
%s_usage,  -m[atch] pattern             Regular expression match within name of file to possibly download.
%s_usage,  -o[pen]                      Also open the root tech note in a browser.
%s_usage,  -pr[iority] low|belownormal  Set to priority of spawned exec processes.
%s_usage,  -r[ediscover]                Re-process a previously discovered list of downloads.
%s_usage,  -sa[ve]                      Save the first/root/top TECH/DOC note as a web page HTML file.
%s_usage,  -sle[ep] n                   The interval between busy download checks.
%s_usage,  -slo[ts] n                   Number of concurrent download slots.
%s_usage,  -tec[hdoc] TECHnnnn[+n]      One specific, or multiple, or a range of tech notes.
%s_usage,  -tr[ies] n                   How many times to try a download of a tech note page, or file.
%s_usage,  -v[ersion] v9.9[.9[.9]]      The patch kit version to discover and/or download.
%s_usage, ...any/all parameters for arguments can be enclosed within double quotes...
11:20:34  %s_quit, script quit...

An example of a log file is attached, from a test run of:

D:\NBU-KITS> mkdir test

D:\NBU-KITS> cscript nbu-kits.vbs -discover -download -version test


This is cool stuff, worth investigating I'd say...


Attached, updated for NetBackup v7.6.1.1 and Appliance v2.6.1.1.


Just gave this a whirl, seems to be unable to find the download links, i grabbed the updated versoin for the release


Decimal error code -2147012894 is 0x80072EE2, which this link:

...(although for Windows Update) indicates that it could be a firewall issue.


What happens if you try to access one the pages yourself, on the same session/computer, perhaps trying:

> start iexplore ""

...does this command work?



If the iexplore command works, then you may have to allow the program 'cscript.exe' (i.e. "C:\Windows\system32\cscript.exe") outbound on port 80.  Or, maybe your anti-virus software is blocking (i.e. not allowing) 'cscript.exe' to access the internet.


Hi DG-2005 - saw your comment (on the v7.6.1.1 thread) re possible change to URL schema, so I've just re-tested my side, a test of both '-version test' and '-version v7.6.1.1', and both work ok for me.

Very wierd, made no changes..  and now it is able to grab the links..


either way will keep an eye out :)


thanks again for the useful script!!


Updated to download v7.6.1.2, and v2.6.1.2.


very usefull script, i'm looking forward for the 7.7 version :)




Glad you've found it useful Gilles.

I can't really add much re 7.7... for several reasons...

The NetBackup 7.7 release is only available via Symantec FileConnect when using a valid license serial number - so I'm not able to script that, as they're not publicly available.

There won't be an appliance v2.7 release.  We'll have to wait for the appliance v2.7.1 patch/upgrade, but I will add those to the script when they get released.

When the first set of NetBackup v7.7 patch update kits are relased, e.g. possibly v7.7.0.1... then I'll also add them to the script too.

In the meantime I guess I could add the v7.7 manuals and documenation if you want the script to download those, but they're fairly easy to download anyway - as Symantec have kindly already bundled the v7.7 documentation in to one zip file for us:



New version...

...for the v7.7.x manuals, and the v2.7.1 appliance binaries... and lot's more comments within the code... and hopefully the code is bit tidier too.

Save the attached file as nbu-kits.vbs.


Updated to download v2.7.2 appliance kits and manuals, and v7.7.2 manuals.