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Quite often application admins or DBAs inquire us about backup policies for certains hosts.
To meet their needs we have written a script to build a report on backup policies (and their attributes).
This script yelds a CSV file that, in turn,  can be imported into MS Excel.
Once you've got this Excel spreadsheet, you can do that you want with it.
You can also go to Java GUI and click on Summary of All Policies, and go to clients section.

This will effectively give you the same result - well, not in csv format really.

But do we really configure the same client in more than 5, 10 backup policies, and we need them in spreadsheet format?

Hi there

U cand control C and the activity monitor and control V in excell  separated by TAB.

Just importit up..

but thanks for the script

NBU 6.5 Advanced reporting Information

Is there an advanced Reporting Option for NBU 6.5?  Is this an extra product to purchase?  What reports can you generate using it?  Where can I find documentation for it?

Where I find it, please?

This url doesn't show the option:


NBU 6.5 is packaged with NetBackup Operation Manager (NOM)  which is free of charge (since you bought NetBackup).

NOM is very useful but not all reports are allowed by NOM. For example if you need reports for charge back, performance measure, SLA ... You'll need to purchase Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR)