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This is just a modification to the Supplied "" script. It will report on the available scratch media per each robot. I find this useful to know if a robot is low on scratch media before jobs fail.

It currently runs on UNIX systems.


Bugs... The original script counted the scratch tapes wrong if there were more than 9 robots... plus it added any scratch tapes in the "---" volume group to robot 0.

Can you please let me know how to use this script. Actually i have never used scripts, can you give please some info on this. It is very useful script if it works. Because we are manually counting this every single day.

The script is designed to run on UNIX systems.

What kind of system are you running?

You will want to rename it to "" and change the "SOMEONE_WHO_CARES" to the email address you want to send the message to.

I run it from cron on a daily basis with the below crontable entry: (you should change the "/opt/nbu_scripts" portion to where you have installed the script.

10 15 * * * /opt/nbu_scripts/available_scratch_media > /dev/null 2>&1

We are running windows Smiley Sad

No guarantees, but I will see if I can make up a windows style script... or maybe convert it to perl.