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I was recently asked to scan a volume to check for any offline files to confirm that a bulk restore was successful. I created this gui-user-friendly powershell script to perform that function. It prompts for a directory to (recursively) check for offline files and any offline files are reported in a CSV file called "Offlinefiles.csv" 


If you just want to run the query yourself, this is it: Get-ChildItem $fldr -recurse | Where-Object {$_.Attributes -eq 'offline'} | Export-Csv "$csvfldr\OfflineFiles.csv"



$fldr = The top level folder you want to scan.

$csvfldr = The folder in which to place the csv.


Hey Ben.


THanks for the script ... I am certian it will be useful to many. I just wanted to throw out as a reminder that an offline file itself does not actualy imply that the items is a placeholder. There are other qualities that are needed for it to be considered an acutal placeholder and FSA is not the only application to use the Offline attribute.


I just through it worth mentioning as this script will report acturately for the 85% of implementations out there but a return of items in this list does not necessaarily imply that the bulk restore did not complete successfully. .... but rather should warrent further investigation as to if they are actually placeholders or just offline files.


Thanks again for sharing this awesome script.

Excellent points, username TypoProne!

What are offline files. I have some serious problems related to them and SAV/SEP. Theese file sometimes just disapperar from filesystem.

How te get rid of them and have real files not only "links"?

Thanx for help in advance,


not to be that guy... but google is really a good friend of yours:



If you have issues that are related to offlienfiles in another product that do not relate to the OP I would strongly reccomend starting a new thread about it.