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This may be useful for EV health checks or just to determine whether you have your regkeys setup as per Best Practice;


PS; Rename the file with a .ps1 extension (i.e. EVBP.ps1)

Edit:  Updated the script as follows (Thank you PJ for your input!)

  1. Outputs a file called c:\EVBestPracticeRegKeys_<servername>.txt.  Alternatively you can specify a path to the log file (i.e. ./EVBP.ps1 c:\temp)
  2. Updated the Regcheck function to check for existence of Reg path and report on certain conditions (test-path)
  3. Added Set-ExecutionPolicy Remotesigned to avoid initial run error
  4. Shortened the filename to EVBP.ps1
  5. Now checks the Wow6432Node Key for values on x64bit too

Note:  In order to run this script, go to a PowerShell command prompt, navigate to the directory where you saved the .ps1 file, type ./EVBP.ps1


A great tool, ideal for healthchecks, makes checking simple.

Nice work

It has been found if you save the attachment, rename and then try to run it it fails saying the script is not signed, yet if you open the attached file in IE copy the contents to a notepad and save as a .ps1 it will run fine.  weird but worth pointing out.

Very nice tool, thanks.

I have the same experience as P Juster. First try no joy but if you rename the file it works. What gives?

Has anyone complied the registry settings for V9 and v10 and would be willing to share them?




FYI - Article above "Enterprise Vault Best Practice Registry Keys and Boot.ini Settings" has been moved to a new link in Article:TECH71173:

Cool script.

That's weird. Should be able to avoid any issues if you run: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted