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The script does the following:

  • Runs EVSVR
  • cleans the reports up (removes the messy time stamps ect)
  • zips all the output files up
  • Emails the relevant admins with the reports (The body contains the results if any have faild - no need to trawl the logs
  • Writes an entry into the EventLog so you know its been successful (I am working on adding stats - savesets verified, failed, ect,ect)

Please note this is still work in progress, should anyone have any updates on this please let me know so I can incorporate them into the script.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to contact me.


Level 6
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Hello Wayne,

I am not an vbs-expert. Could you add a small document on what to change so this works in another environment?


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
The script is commented.

The only think you should change is:

'Mail Info
strFrom = "EV-Dev-Stats"
strTo = ""
strSub = "EVSVR Output - "
strBody = "The script ran successfully"
strSMTP = ""
LogOnAll = "1"
'No Need to change the following:
XMLDIR = EVDIR & "\Scripts\EVSVR\"
ReportFolder = EVDIR & "\Reports\EVSVR\"
EVSCratch = wshUsrEnv("TEMP")
LogFile = EVSCratch & "evsvr.log"
EVSVRZip = EVSCratch & ""
ReportFile = EVSCratch & "report.html"
' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------
Level 3

I need help with an error when I run the vbs script on my EV server.

I have made modifications as described above and copied the file to the EVSVR folder under reports so that it would run.

I get the following error,

Windows Script Host
Script: c:\program files\enterprise vault\reports\evsvr\evsvr.vbs
Line: 74
Char: 5
Error: Bad File Name Or Number
Code: 800A0034
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Any help much appreciated.

Level 6

In my organisation we have email archiving servers. Do I need to be concerned with this? I feel I am missing the point. Could someone explain what this is doing?

Thank you,


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