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Ever been asked to, or needed to, check the Best Practice recommendations on all EV, DA and SQL Servers in the Enterprise Vault environment and needed to compare multiple settings against one, or all, of the below technotes?

Optimization Recommendations for EV/DA/CA Operations -
Best Practice Recommendations for EV -
EV Compatibility Guide -
EV Anti-virus Exclusions -
EV SQL Anti virus Exclusions -

This task can be tedious to say the least, needing to check each registry, TCP, network setting based on if the OS is 32/64bit, the server is either EV/DA/SQL Server, due to this I have created a tool which will do all the boring work.

It can be run on each of the servers, identify which OS is running 2003/2008/2012, which flavour (32bit/64bit) and which application (EV/DA/SQL) is running on that server, it will then run the required checks to see if Best Practice recommendations are in place or not. It will only report on the relevant checks for that server therefore avoiding white noise. It outputs to an easy to read HTML output file with a dedicated section devoted purely to anything that was found to not be in line with Veritas recommendations.
This section will also provide instructions on how to correct/implement the recommended change if possible.
It will also suggest most of the recommended locations to be excluded from Anti-virus scans for your environment (Indexing locations, Vault Store locations) and the local server it was run on.




1) Download the tool from this post (attached) or from Box :-
2) Unzip and run on each server in the EV environment.

If you are prompted to allow active content when opening the report file this is due to collapsible tables within the report, you can choose to not allow the active content to run but be aware that you will not be able to collapse any of the tables if you choose 'No'.

Please feel free to comment on the tool, or report any errors that you find, I will attempt to correct these as quickly as possible and will update the tool regularly to keep it up to date if there is interest in using it.


Updated the tool to have the option of checking SQL DB Index fragmentation for EnterpriseVaultDirectory DB, Audit DB and all Vault Store DBs.

The checks are only carried out if the tool is run on the EV Server running the Directory Service, the check is also optional, not compulsory, so you still have the choice to run the tool as it was in version 2.0.5.


Ben, you did a great job.

It is the tool that I was waiting for, since the expiry of "Deployment Scanner Summary Tool"

Awaiting for next release, hopefully.



Version 2.0.7

Corrected a bug where formatting to the 'VaultStore/Partition AV Exclusion' table would be corrupted if the environment had too many Vault Stores/Partitions

great to see this being updated. thanks ben!

very interesting

very interesting


Thanks, Ben.

Great tool, well done!

Hi all, Thanks for the comments on the tool, it makes it worth all the effort knowing it is being used and appreciated. I have updated the EV Best Practice Analyzer again due to a problem pointed out to me by Ajeje (thanks again Ajeje). Version 2.0.8, and upwards, includes the correct checks for the Message Files, Message Log and Transaction Log folder locations, version 2.0.7 and lower were running incorrect checks for the MSMQ location. The latest version is ready to download from the usual locations. As normal please feel free to comment on here, or send me another form of communication to point out any corrections or suggestions for improvement and I will do what I can do as soon as I can do. Regards Ben

Excellent tool!

Hi all,

The tool has been updated again.


Changes primarily include changing branding (to suit the Veritas brand) and also to include the ability/option to export the EV/System and Application logs, the tool also combines these files into a Zip file if they are gathered during the operation.



Thank you for this, Big Ben!