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The Enterprise Vault Configuration Reporter (EVCR) for EV 11 has been released.  

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Thanks, Evan!

Hallo Evan,

after Upgrading EV from 11.0.0 to 11.0.1 the Configuration Reporter sends me an error:

"There was an error while attempting to retrieve al list of sites: AllowPSTPasswordOverride"

Before upgrading everything was fine. Is it nessesary to wait for a new version? Or did I missed the new one?

Best regards



Attached is the updated version for EV 11 that supports 11.0.1.


Thanks Evan!


Is there an actual technote that describes the purpose of the EVCR.



Kind Regards

Is the release for EV 12 out yet?

Hi Orcaforce,

The EVCR tool is created to assist with pre- and post-sales analysis of customer’s environments and sizing appropriate EV Solution.

Yes the EV12 EVCR is available.I would suggest you to contact your Veritas Representative or BCAM.