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The Enterprise Vault Configuration Reporter is a tool that will create HTML-based reports on the configuration of an Enterprise Vault directory.  

Version 2.2.1 supports Enterprise Vault 6.0SP2+, 7, and 2007 environments

Version 3.1.x supports Enterprise Vault 8.0 environments

Version 3.6.x supports Enterprise Vault 9.0 environments

Please keep in mind that these tools are NOT supported by Symantec.


You might want to consider changing the naming/version convention to match the EV version so we don't have to remember what works with what. 

Just saying...

thanks for posting the tools for everyone. is there a final version of 3.5x for EV9?

are the versions backwards compatible?

I've not had much luck in getting the specialized reports in 3.1.2 working against a Ev 8.0 SP4/SQL 2005 configuration.  Keep getting a permissions error, even when using the VSA.  Other then that, been loving the tool.  I usually run it just before I leave a site so I have something to compare against when I come back because they "didn't" change something and it's no longer working...  :)

Versions are not backwards compatible.  For future versions of Enterprise Vault, the EVCR version will match the EV version.

Never thought of using it that way. I use it mostly for client deployment and services, BUT I will give it the suggested use while we are handing the system over. LEGEND!

I ran 3.60 version against 9.02 DB and some of the advance options are coming up missing?e.g.most of vault cache advance options. Is there any update to the tool? Thanks.

EVCR is written by me, but is not supported by Symantec Technical Support.  I was not aware there were any issues with 3.6 and EV 9.0.2.  If you could please email me ( with more details on the issues that you are seeing, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Is EV 10 supported?

Thank you.

EV 10 is supported with EVCR 10.0. 


Thanks, I found it yesterday. 

Can add one more feature: to compare the policy settings with default policy settings?

Thank you.

That would be a great feature to add.  I will see what I can do the next time I have some time to work on the tool.

Good job for putting this tool together, I am wondering if this will or can be integrated into EV report Manager in future so we will kind of have al the reporting tools or features in one portal. Excellent job though!

Hi Evan,

I have used the tool on a couple of occasions and found it very useful.

Thank You.



thanks Evan !

EVCR 3.6.1 for EV 9

many thanks for sharingthe update for EV 9 Evan.

I'm in the process of upgrading EV to version 10 or even 11 if possible :)

The EVCR tool is created to assist with pre- and post-sales analysis of customer’s environments and sizing appropriate EV Solution.

I would suggest you to contact your Veritas Representative or BCAM.