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The Enterprise Vault Configuraton Reporter for EV 10 is now available.  New features with this version:

- Support for EV 10

- Support for Index Groups

- Index Volume Reports

- Command line utilty (evcrcl.exe)


EVCR 10.1.1 has the following updates and changes:

- Index settings at the Site level

- Index settings at the EV server level

- Policies are now listed in alphabetical order

- Typos fixed in reports

- Minor formatting changes in specialized reports


EVCR 10.2.0 has minor fixes and updates


nice. work. thank you

nice work, i'm looking for this one, thank you.

can this be added to the other post that listed all the older EVCR versions?

thanks for the update!





It would appear that you might have incorrectly posted the version for EV 10.1. Referencing the file version numbers, it would appear that is the same file as the EVCR for 8.0.

Hmm, not sure why that would happen.  I just uploaded a new version today.  See if this works better.

Can anyone explain me what exactly this tool does? Does it check and report the EV configuration or what?

Don't want install it before I do not now what exactly it does.


EVCR queries various Enterprise Vault databases and reports on the configuration as well as other specialized reports.  All queries are read-only. 

EVCR 10.2.0 is now available for download and is attached to the first post of this thread.

Are there plans for CR for EV 11?

Yes.  I hope to have it out soon. 

ok, does this tool works for EV 9.0 or it only works for EV 10 and later ?

Hi John.  This version is EV 10 specific. 

See for older versions of EVCR that support EV 6 through 9. 

Thanks mate !

it works as expected.


is there already a version for EV11 available?

Many thanks,

Best regards,


Sorry - an additional google search now turned out to find it.

Please see the following forum post: