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Thank you very much for the Doc...

does this only applies to the restore with Mulitplex images?

related with any specific Netbackup versions?

Hello Nagalla,

1)It is not related to Multiplexing.

 The bprd -dontfork is the mother process for other bprd(other running child jobs) processes.

bprd -dontfork -mpxmain will act as a root and The request daemon spawns a child bprd process.

2)I have encountered this in Netbackup 7.0.1 version and I think it ll be applicable for all other versions but I dint get a chance to verify in other versions(wink)


Hi Srivani,
Please assist me as, What if its not possible to recycle the NBU services ?
Suppose we are having a very large NBU Domain and thousand of backup are running at the time of restore, and its not allowed to bounce the Master/Media server services.
What could be next workaround for such case.

Hello Vickie,

try with cancelling bprd jobs and start it.

But I have nt tried it


Note:when bprd is not running manual backups,user backups and restore will not work.



Thanks Srivani yes