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Following a discussion in the forum, attached is a pair to scripts to import a tape in the portal to the first empty slot of the library.  It is a refinement of script first posted by JaapT.  This script caters for installations which do not use barcode labels and has less disk I/O's.

These scripts should be placed in the Backup Exec installation directory and can be scheduled using the Windows Scheduler.


If you are using BE 2012, then you would need the BEMCLI version of this script which can be found here

Excellent script, but I've found that when run without a tape in the I/O slot the job will remain running until manually cancelled. 

I found that adding a schedule script to the findslot.bat BEMCMD command allows setting the job to auto-cancel after a defined period.

I've updated findslot.bat as follows:



bemcmd.exe -a"TS3100" -o80 -S%slot% -fsched.txt
And created sched.txt as below in the BEX program folder:



Great!  I never thought of this.  In my case, I would use 5 minutes as for the AUTO_CANCEL_TIME.  My import occurs in the middle of the night and nobody is around.