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Level 3
This is a tool that you can use for viewing the following things related to Liveupdate:

* Configuration Log
* Log.Liveupdate
* Product Catalog
* Settings.liveupdate
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Level 5
This is a nice tool. Thanks for sharing..
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Good Tool Mate. :) After long time was able to find something Good.
Level 3

Now I'm getting close.

I have SMSME 6, Backup Exec SBS 12.5 & SEPM SBS 12.0 installed on my new SBS2008 server and can't configure Liveupdate to look at a local folder, like I could with SEPM 11

So I have been trying to modify / configure my "settings.liveupdate" file to point to a local update folder. I have done it manually, but it keeps being overwritten when the server restarts ??? and it does not work correctly either, liveupdate looks in the folder OK, but reports that everything is up to date, even though it is not.

Before anyone asks, my server is on a secure lan with no direct connection to the internet, so I have installed the latest LU Admin on a stand alone PC and have downloaded all the latest updates for the products above and then transfered them to a folder on the new server.

I'm currently using the intelligent updater to update the AV definitions, but am therfore not updating the Threat / Proactive definitions which remain well out of date.

Although this tools allows me to look at the files more easily than notepad, it still does not help me setup settings.liveupdate (or whatever I need to setup) correctly or resolve the overwrite problem.

Is there a similar tool that will help me sort this out ?

Rgds, Dave

Level 3
nice tool, thank you!
Level 2
Good tool , now I can know what liveupdate go wrong or not.
Level 2
Good tool , now I can know what liveupdate go wrong or not.
Level 4
Will this tool work for Backup Exec 2010?
Level 4

the LU Admin dosen'twork.

when it prompts you to select a product, it only shows versions : 11,12.5 but not 2010 :(

Level 4
Thanks a lot friend good tool to check live update error
Level 6
Nice tool
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too good

Level 2

Nice Tool Buddy. yes

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