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I prepared VMware virtual machine (Workstation 7) with Ubuntu 10.04 x64 Server, MHVTL, SCST, iScsi-scst.
I used scripts, configuration and guides from MHVTL forum.

Some details:
Kernel: updated with scst patches
VLT: Version - 0.18-7, Robot - QUANTUM PX720, Drives - 4x SDLT600
Storage:100GB ext4 LVM, thin provisioned disk (if you want to add more space simply add new disk to VM, resize Logical Volume lv1 and ext4 filesystem)

Testing env.- NetBackup 7.0.1RC1 installed on Windows 2008 x64 R2.
Backup and restore works fine :)))

~385.MB RAR, password: mhvtl_mk

Details about operating system:
IP: (you should to change it in /etc/network/interfaces)
user: user1, password: user1

After reconfiguration open iScsi Initiator and add IP address of VM to configuration, it automaticly detects 5 targets (1 robot and 4 drives)


New link:
Thank you Marek. Very useful. I'm going to download it and let you know..

Thank You Marek, Thank you very much for the post.

can you please share the root password of the VTL VM




there is no root user for default in ubuntu, use sudo or "sudo su -" to switch to root account

look at new version of vm:




Thanks for the upload, please mention the password to extract the compressed file.