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Over the last year I have found journalling has been enabled 'out of nowhere' on MSMQs on our EV servers; once the MSMQ storage folder gets to 8GB (The storage limits for MSMQs on our servers) the archiving task fails and archiving stops working.

This script notifies by email as soon as any of the MSMQs folders go over 4GB; as well as appending the results to a .csv file.

You will need to change certain lines in the script for your environment:

WorkingDirectory = "D:\Scripts\MSMQ-Size-Report\" -- Line 11

strComputers = Array("Your_EV_Server1","Your_EV_Server2","Your_EV_Server3") -- Line 20

objMessage.From = "your_from_email_address" -- Line 80
objMessage.To = "your_to_email_address" -- Line 81

objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = "your_email_server" -- Line 87

I have scheduled this to run daily so I have a greater chance of averting disaster if/when journalling is left enabled on a queue.